Hypersonic website load speeds for your visitors from the UK, the rest of Europe and Africa

We partner with one of the most famous data centers in Great Britain to guarantee the very best web site load speeds for the visitors to your dynamic rich–media web portals. This is a great chance for you to ensure the greatest conceivable browsing experience for your web site visitors from the UK, the rest of Europe or Africa.

The Pulsant data center is situated a few kilometers north–west of London and offers incredible security conditions for your resource–demanding web sites and web apps. A group of skilled admins is working onsite 24/7 to ensure a 99.9 percent uptime and to carry out weekly off–site backups of your hosted content.

In the UK datacenter you’ll find a number of VPS plans that you can take advantage of. Our VPS solutions don’t entail any setup charges and have solid–state disks. You’ll get a Linux–based OS of your choosing, an administrative panel and a Web Control Panel pre–installed on your server. The British data center option is available on the order page.

UK Located Website Hosting Services

If you are searching for something a bit less costly than a Virtual Private Server, we have got the most suitable solution waiting for you in our UK datacenter – a website hosting service account. All our website hosting service plans are based upon our ultramodern website hosting system, which we have developed from the ground up. This allows us to assure a ninety–nine point nine percent uptime for all websites hosted under a UK Located Website Hosting account. On top of that, with each and every account, you’ll also receive an absolutely free domain name.