What is Moodle?

If you represent an academic organization and you desire to help make your classes accessible on the www, then Moodle has to be your first choice. Moodle is a web tutoring system which is specifically designed for educators and researchers, that want to help to make their programmes available on the www.

Due to it’s specific target market, Moodle was made to be easy to use by both teacher as well as the pupil, in order to be more easily accessible. This is the reason why you will find there’s such a substantial community, committed to developing plugins and themes that extend Moodle’s main functions.

Moodle is a registered trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not affiliated with Great Host Server.

E-School Website Hosting Service Services

In case you maintain an online course for students, your website must be consistently available on the www, regardless how many learners are seeing it at the same time. At Great Host Server you can discover specific E-School website hosting service services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. Thus no matter what happens, your site will remain on the web.

Every one of our E-School website hosting service plans furthermore have unlimited disk space, infinite data traffic and unrestricted MySQL storage. To kick–start your academic site, we offer you a free domain name registration or domain transfer. Also, we’re going to install Moodle for your website immediately after you sign up. Consequently, whenever you log in inside of your control panel, you can have your Moodle website already available on the www, awaiting you.

A Point & Click Web Control Panel

in order to help make the supervision of your Moodle school site a whole lot easier, we’ve created our very own unique Web Control Panel. It’s offered in over 10 languages and unites web site management and domain management in one place. It’s moreover designed to live completely in the cloud and gives quickness and stability better than the ones offered by several other control panels.

Great Host Server’s Control Panel is full of 100 percent free functions and bonuses. Using our E-School website hosting service plan, you can have Moodle installed by default. With the control panel, you can actually install any single one of over 40 well–known web applications such as Joomla and Wordpress with absolutely no setup needed, due to the 1 Click Applications Installer. Also, you can utilize the Site Accelerator Programs to noticeably boost your web sites. Our Web Statistics Manager will begin working instantly, with no need to insert any tracking code to your websites.